About Us

About Us

“Transformation and restoration”

We have just completed an extensive renovation which has been referred to several times like interior out of a grand designs magazine. We are proud and honoured to share our beautifully contemporary rooms embracing our Scottish heritage with contemporary finishing touches. We look forward to welcoming you…….

“Where your treasure is, there also will be your heart.”

– A quote from our friend Paulo Coelho in his book ‘The Alchemist’.

It all began with a chair.

And like ‘The Alchemist’ story often where something ends is where it began. We hope this of our guests too, that when they stay they look forward to returning.

Ryan was working in Brazil when he noticed the chair on a local website for sale and his wife Camilla who was living close by to go and buy it. Camilla entered the driveway to the fantastic Invernairne Hotel and fell in love! Not just with the chair but also with the hotel…….. After loading the chair into the car she casually said to the owners “If you ever sell this place please call me.”

A year later the owner called us and asked if we were serious about buying the hotel. We now own the Invernairne and the chair has returned home. Probably the most expensive chair we will ever buy.

The Invernairne is a family business run by Ryan, Camilla and son Max. We have a passion for The Highlands and Islands, meeting people and generally enjoying life. We breathed new life into the hotel coming from a fresh and young approach. Bringing the best elements of our world wide travel experiences to The Invernairne

“A Scottish welcome awaits you at our idyllic castle on the banks of The Moray Firth”

– Ryan, Camilla and Maximus